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Weapons and Armor

Here you can have a look at some weapons, mostly Russian or weapons of Russia's neighbours, allies and rivals. 

Damascus Helmet ("The Jericho Hat"). 1621, Russia. (20KB)

Infantry breatsplate and arm defences. 17th century, Russia. (21KB)

Sabre and sheath. 17th century, Russia. (9KB)

Sabres and sheath. Beg.19th century, Russia. (18KB)

Dagger and sheath. 1805, Georgia. (7KB)

Sabre and sheath. 1801, Russia. (21KB)

Cossack shasqua. Russia. (8KB)

Scimitar. Derived from the curved sword of the steppes of Russia. (8KB)

Russian Kindjal. Originated from Georgia, but was best known as a Cossack weapon. Perfect for a close combat. (8KB)

Soviet Naval Officer's Dagger. (14KB)

Misiurka(helmet with chain mail). Late 16th century, Turkey. (23KB)

Luxurious armor. 1582, Augsburg. (26KB)

Luxurious armor. 1562-1564, Antwepen. (26KB)

Saadak (case for the bow and quiver for arrows). 1673, Moscow (this item belonged to the tsar Alexey Mikhailovich). (33KB)

Yataghan knife in sheath. Yataghan knife in sheath. 1730; 1728, Turkey. (20KB)

Daggers and sheaths. 1765; 1760s, Iran. (24KB)

Daggers in sheath. 18th century, Turkey. (29KB)

Dirk. 18th century, Germany. Dirk. Early 18th century, West Europe. Dirk. Early 18th century, West Europe. (16KB)

Knife in sheath. Saber and sheath. Second half 18th century, Turkey. (29KB)

Knife in sheath. 17-18th century, Central Asia. Broadsword in sheath. First half 17th century, Iran (the broadsword belonged to voevoda Semen Volynsky). (24KB)

Helmet. Mid-16th century, Iran. (19KB)

Luxurious armor. 1620-1650, Dresden. (28KB)

Luxurious armor. 1591, Augsburg. (28KB)

Cossack items: pistols, bunchuk (symbol/sign of commander), pernach (ataman's mace). (34KB)





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