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Lev Gumilev 

Lev Gumilev

This sub-page is dedicated to Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev (1912-1992), who is the father of the Ethnology. His thoughts and theories cannot leave you indifferent. Gumilev is not one of those historians (geographers, ethnographists, anthropologists) whose books come unnoticed and take their place on the bookshelves to collect the dust. After reading his works your picture of the World History will never be the same...

Gumilev's passionate theory of ethnogenes brings together findings of many sciences that might seem unrelated. On the pages of his books you will find answers to many questions historians, anthropologists, ethnographists and geographers were wrestling with for centuries. Lev Gumilev easily operates with facts from the history of Ancient Turks, Huns, Vandals, Khazars, Mongols, Germans and Slavs. Familiarize yourself with his theory, and you will have better understanding of the processes that took place in societies of the past, and you will definitely have a better clue of the processes taking place right now right around you. Lev Gumilev was the best historian among geographers and the best geographer among historians.

If you read at least one of the Gumilev's books, you will be able to divide your life into two parts: before you read it, and after.

At this page you can read extracts from his book "Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere", and more is coming...

You can also read the biography of Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev.

Here you can also take a look at some maps from his books.

Read an article by Lev Gumilev, "Where was she, the country Khazaria?"  

If you can read in Russian, I highly suggest visiting Gumilevica. There you can find many on-line books and a lot of articles by Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev, as well as maps, links and all kinds of related materials. Highly recommend!!!
There is also a "mirror" of the site in English. It is very important that you know, that it's an auto-translation made by a robot. You have to be aware that it is a very "approximate" translation: you will be able to understand some of the text, but I have to warn you, that the quality of the translation may confuse you "beyond Good and Evil"... Some of the words are not translated, but just transliterated to the latin alphabet, and the meaning of translation might be very far from the text of the original.
Click here if you are curious enough to read the robot translation.

In the meantime, keep reading the materials I was able to provide here. It is possible, that the creators of the web-site Gumilevica will orgainize some effort to translate other works by Lev Gumilev (or, perhaps, the chapters from the "Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere" that were left out in the translation presented at this site). The best way to check on the new arrivals is to come back.





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