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Lev Gumilev 

Lev Gumilev

"Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere"




INTRODUCTION in which the need for ethnology is substantiated and the author sets out his views on ethnogenesis, without his line of reasoning, to which the rest of the treatise will be devoted, and in which the author will lead the reader through a labyrinth of contradictions

Chapter One

ABOUT THE VISIBLE AND THE INVISIBLE in which it is show that superficial observations lead the investigator up the garden path, and means of self-control and self-checking are proposed

Chapter Two

THE PROPERTIES OF AN ETHNOS containing a list of the features of an ethnic phenomenon as such compiled so as to make it possible to give a general explanation of ethnogenesis, the process in which ethnoi arise and disappear

Chapter Three

THE ETHNOS IN HISTORY in which the generally accepted ways of studying ethnic phenomena are set out and it is shown that the sought-for result cannot be obtained

Chapter Four

OUR INNER NATURE in which is shown what part of man belongs to nature and what not, and what part of the world outside the human body is outside nature, and also why everything said here and above still does not answer the problem of ethnogenesis

Chapter Five  

DRIVE IN ETIINOGENESIS devoted to description of the attribute without which the Processes of ethnogenesis do not commence and will not proceed, and also to its significance for ethnic system and emotional filling as a measure of activity and resistivity to external effects

Chapter Six

THE BRIDGE BETWEEN THE SCIENCES in which an attempt is made to explain the described phenomenon of ethnogenesis by comparing the data of allied and related sciences. In contrast to the foregoing, this part of the book is hypothetical but any other explanation will not affect the description of the character of ethnogenesis given above





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